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Below are links to materials and other resources highlighted during Project Management Essentials: The Must Know Tactics for Ensuring Every Project is a Success. New materials will be added following each session. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Session 1: The A-Z of Navigating the Project Lifecycle
Monday, January 10

Session 1 Final Slide Deck (pdf)
Key Sponsor/Stakeholder Project Definition Questions (fillable pdf)

Session 2: Tools for Your Project Management Toolbox
Tuesday, January 11

Session 2 Final Slide Deck (pdf)
Agenda/Meeting Minutes Template (Word)
Project Charter Template (Word)
Project Plan Template (Excel)
Risk Log/Decision Log Template (Word)

Session 3: Common Project Risks, Challenges, and Constraints
Wednesday, January 12

Session 3 Final Slide Deck (pdf)
Risk Log/Decision Log Template (Word)

Session 4: Improving Your Project Outcomes
Thursday, January 13

Session 4 Final Slide Deck (pdf)
Communication Plan Template (Word)
Post Project Review & Evaluation Template (Word)
Project Close Maintenance Plan Template (Word)
ADKAR Current Change-Identity Barrier Tool (Word)
SWOT Analysis-Project Leadership (Word)

Session 5: Leading Your Project Team
Friday, January 14

Session 5 Final Slide Deck (pdf)
Planning for a Difficult Conversation-Behavioral Issue Template (Word)

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