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Click here to access the slides's from the session "From Data to Insights: What Every L&D Professional Should Know about the Value of Using Assessments", presented by Tracy Nelson, President of Aspire Talent Group.

You can access a full listing of the assessments, surveys, and diagnostics that Aspire Talent Group offers, including many report sample reports, by clicking here.

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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment
The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PI BA) provides data-driven insights into personality traits that determine workplace behavior across four primary factors: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality. The PI BA can be used as an input to hiring decisions, to determine fit-for-role for job applicants, and as part of leadership and team development plans. 
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Cultivate individual self-awareness, improve teamwork, and make conflict more productive using insights gained from the DISC Profile. This powerful personality profiling tool is used by thousands of organizations and millions of users worldwide to understand and navigate style differences and to drive increased individual performance and organizational success.
Click here to learn more and to access sample reports.

Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact
Understand the true (and sometimes hidden) organizational impact of a senior leader's choices and strategies using the Leadership/Impact® (L/I) assessment from Human Synergistics. This powerful tool draws on a leader's own perspective of their leadership approach and contrasts it with the experience of that approach by those around them, yielding significant and potentially transformative insights.
Click here to learn more and to access a sample report.

Human Synergistics Management/Impact
Self-awareness and awareness of impact on others are key competencies for successful managers. Help your organizations' managers better understand the true impact of their managerial style and decisions on those who work for and with them by using the Management/Impact® (M/I) assessment from Human Synergistics.
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Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0
Those who think emotional intelligence is a soft skill are in for a hard lesson. Emotional intelligence makes leaders and individuals more efficient, productive, and effective in the workplace, yet soft skills remain one of the most sought-after skills by CHROs and CEOs. Use the EQ-i 2.0® Emotional Quotient Inventory to assess your leaders and high potentials today to build an organizational foundation that endures, as well as engages and retains key talent for a lifetime.
Click here to learn more and to access a sample report.

Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory
Culture is a key enabler (or derailer) of strategic and sustainable organizational success. Use the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) and Organizational Culture Inventory-Ideal® (OCI-Ideal) by Human Synergistics to assess the current state of your culture, as well as determine what an ideal culture looks like for your organization.
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Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks for Managers
Bring the best out in your managers by using the Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks© for Managers™ 360 assessment. Drawing on decades of world-renowned and constantly refreshed assessment research and refinement by CCL, this robust assessment provides managers with the insights they need to succeed as leaders in your organization.
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NERIS Type Explorer by 16Personalities
The NERIS Type Explorer® by 16Personalities utilizes the acronym format popularized by the Myers-Briggs model and rebalances the dimensions of personality based on the Big Five personality traits. The result is a description of personality types based on five personality aspects: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity. The NERIS Type Explorer is free for use by individuals.
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