CCL Benchmarks© for Learning Agility™

Successfully adapting to the challenges presented by our rapidly changing world requires successful managers to adopt a continuous learning and growth mindset. Assess and engage your managers and high potentials with the Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks© for Learning Agility™ 360 assessment to unlock their true leadership and organizational potential.

The CCL Benchmarks© for Learning Agility™ is a 360 assessment that is based on research with successful global managers and international executives. It provides individual feedback on the 11 competencies most often found in successful leaders as well as the learning behaviors needed to acquire those skills. In addition, it measures learning agility and capacity for new skill adoption. When paired with the included CCL Compass™ – a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life – feedback on an individual’s willingness to learn from growth opportunities is instantly turned into personally relevant action plans that increase leadership agility.

CCL is among the pioneers in using assessments and feedback in leadership development. As a result, it has become a world leader in providing assessments that produce valid, reliable, and actionable results. Supported by more than 40 years of research, CCL assessments are the choice of industry-leading organizations.

CCL Benchmarks© for Learning Agility™ 360 assessments provide:
  • Superior-quality normative data from one of the world’s largest leadership assessment databases
  • Decades of world-renowned and constantly-refreshed CCL assessment research
  • Strict confidentiality for more accurate feedback
Use CCL Benchmarks© for Learning Agility™ with your organization’s talent to:
  • Provide essential feedback on skills that help managers improve their ability to learn from experience and willingness to engage in growth opportunities
  • Help establish or grow a learning culture in which improved skills are recognized and valued as an overall organizational objective
  • Help high-potential managers identify and apply the skills needed for success as they advance their careers
  • Reinforce the leadership development process with CCL Compass™ by setting goals and creating actionable plans

Click here for a sample Benchmarks for Learning Agility Group Profile.

Click here for a sample Benchmarks for Learning Agility Feedback Report.

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