Change Navigator

Diagnose where your team or organization is at emotionally in their responses to a specific change initiative in real time with the Change Navigator. This facilitated assessment workshop provides participants insights into how they are feeling regarding a specific ongoing organizational change, as well as helps both leadership and groups impacted by a change understand what is needed to move forward effectively.

Getting a pulse check on the current health and adoption progress of larger-scale change initiatives can be difficult. The Change Navigator assessment workshop provides change agents and those impacted by changes with real-time information about current emotional reactions to current changes. It also provides assessment-based insights and allows for the development of action plans to assist both leaders of change and recipients of change in moving forward effectively. If you need to find a way forward with a particularly difficult change, this assessment workshop can help provide the breakthrough understanding required to make it happen.

Drawing on a unique change model that integrates and aligns various change management theories over the last 50 years, e.g. Lewin, Kubler-Ross, Bridges, Scott & Jaffe, etc., the Change Navigator helps participants understand where they are in the four phases of the change journey – from acknowledging and reacting in early stages to investigating and implementing in later stages. Once participants understand where they are in the change process, they can conceptualize what is required to move forward from whatever phase they may be in.

Organizations successfully use the Change Navigator assessment workshop to:

  • Establish baseline stakeholder responses to new change initiatives
  • Identify obstacles and address specific change adoption
  • Discover more effective change management processes for stalled change initiatives
  • Pivot change leadership plans and activities based on current sentiment around a given change

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