The Predictive Index Behavioral & Cognitive Assessments

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Determine the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment. Get aligned around ideal job candidate profiles for any role quickly using the Predictive Index Job Assessment.

Talent selection and optimization are high stakes activities for any organization and can be time intensive and laborious processes. Used by thousands of leading organizations around the globe for almost 60 years, the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments take the guesswork out of the hiring and selection process by providing your hiring managers with the quantitative data and benchmarked profiling they need to quickly screen and select the best-fit candidates for any role.

The PI Behavioral Assessment provides data-driven insights into personality traits that determine workplace behavior across four primary factors: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality. Where a candidate falls on a spectrum of these factors provides key insights into what it will be like to work with that candidate, as well as a sense of job fit, based on the skills and behaviors required for success in a particular role. After candidates complete the assessment, they are assigned a reference profile – a benchmarked snapshot of the way they think and work without regard to a specific role.

Did you know that cognitive ability is the number one predictor of job performance? The PI Cognitive Assessment measures a candidate’s general mental ability across three cognitive ability categories (verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning) and nine sub-categories. Essentially, it assesses the rate at which a person can learn – rapid knowledge acquisition. If change is a constant in your organization, pay special attention to cognitive ability. In just 12 minutes, you will have more information about someone’s likelihood of success and job performance than you would after a one-hour interview or standard aptitude test.

Taken together, the PI Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments provide fast and powerful data-based insights on a candidate’s job fit and likelihood of long-term success and engagement in any role. Beyond just hiring and selection tools, these assessments can also assist an organization looking to:

  • Streamline the recruiting process by ensuring the best candidates are identified quickly and effectively every time
  • Optimize talent across a particular function, business unit, worksite, or even organization-wide
  • Supplement existing skills inventory data by assessing existing talent in terms of behavioral tendencies or cognitive capability
  • Assess and identify high potential talent based on behavioral traits and cognitive profiles

Alternatively, if your organization is proactive and wants to supplement your traditional job descriptions (tasks and skills) with ideal cognitive and behavioral profiles matched for success, the PI Job Assessment is the tool to use. This assessment allows you to examine a role in-depth and identify underlying cognitive and behavioral traits that lead to enduring success. The tool can be configured for input from a single user (such as the reporting manager) or a group of various stakeholders (for more matrixed roles). The resulting assessment provides a behavioral and cognitive job target profile that ensures the best candidates are selected for a role every time. This assessment is best used by organizations looking to:

  • Gain consensus and alignment on key behavioral and cognitive traits required for high performance
  • Support HRBPs and hiring managers to ensure best-fit candidate profiles are identifies and selected based on single or multiple stakeholders
  • Proactively determine ideal behavioral and cognitive candidate profiles matched to various roles
  • Benchmark high potential success traits across one or more roles

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