Training /Educational Courses

Please contact us for information on any of our educational workshops available in classroom or virtual/online formats:

  • Change Leadership:  How Leaders Can Inspire, Influence, & Drive Successful Change Initiatives
  • Resilience & Change Agility:  How to Survive and Thrive During Times of Disruption
  • Emotional Intelligence & the Behavior Science of Leadership
  • The Science of Building High Performing Teams
  • Coaching for Peak Performance & Development
  • Courage and Candor:  Successfully Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Productivity Boosters:  Effectively Managing Your Time and Energy
  • Understanding & Resolving Workplace Conflict Behaviors 
  • Your Remote Team:  Leading and Engaging at a Distance
  • Personal Excellence:  The Daily Habits & Behaviors of Leadership Success
  • Mastering the Art & Science of Interpersonal Relationships & Trust
  • Communicating with Confidence & Credibility
  • CEO of Your Career:  Driving Your Professional Development
  • Powerful Presentation Skills!
  • The Science of Motivation:   Effectively Leading & Motivating Your Team
  • Building a Game Changing Workplace Culture
  • DISC Team Building Workshop:  Understanding Styles for Interpersonal & Team Success 
  • MBTI Team Building Workshop:  Understanding Preferences and Motivators for Interpersonal & Team Success
  • The Art & Science of Effective Delegation
  • Building Bridges:  Managing and Motivating in a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Fundamentals of Effective Project Management
  • Master Your Meetings! Effective Meeting Management & Facilitation
  • Interviewing Skills for Leaders
  • Partnering for Performance:  How to Effectively Manage Performance and Develop Your Employees
  • Leading Without Direct Authority:  Leadership Skills for Aspiring Leaders
  • Succession Management:  Cultivating a Pipeline of Ready Talent
  • Building Trust & Influence:  The Keys to Powerful & Positive Workplace Relationships
  • Big Brain Thinking:  Unleashing Creativity and Innovation
  • Strategy & Execution:  Aligning Strategy, Process, Culture, and People for Superior Performance
  • Adult Learning:  Understanding Learning Styles and Effective Training Techniques
  • Growth Mindset:  Bringing Out Your Leadership Best
  • Effective Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, & Decision-Making for Leaders
  • Accountability for Results:  Creating a Culture of Ownership & Accountability on Your Team
  • Values-Based Leadership: Leading from Your True North

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