Change Leadership: How Leaders Can Inspire, Influence, & Drive Successful Change Initiatives

Change initiatives often fail not because of any problem inherent with the initiative itself, but rather because leaders aren’t able to successfully align their team’s efforts in support of the initiative. Leaders who can effectively focus their team’s energy in support of change initiatives will be able to maximize the value they provide to their organization. 

In this program, learners will:

  • Explore forces driving the need for change and our unique role as leaders in influencing the success of change initiatives in our organizations
  • Learn how to see change through a new lens as we understand common reasons for change resistance in ourselves and others
  • Identify common obstacles leaders can directly impact and improve during change initiatives
  • Understand guiding principles of leading through change to inspire others to reach acceptance
  • Learn ways to communicate change in a confident and compelling way while identifying key principles of sustaining effective change efforts
  • Leave with ideas for how to best support each other as leaders as you collectively navigate the changes ahead

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