Samantha Beaver, MA

Senior Workplace Communications Analyst

Samantha Beaver, MA in Applied English Linguistics, is a workplace communications analyst and linguist with over 7 years of language research and teaching/training experience. Included in her repertoire of linguist expertise are topics such as: language equity, language & gender, language learning, the language of leadership, language & power, and conversation analysis, among others.

Samantha has adapted and applied sociolinguistic research techniques for the purposes of people analytics, both at organizational and individual levels. She provides language-related assessment, leadership development, team optimization, and training services in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Communication & Language-Use
  • Managing Conflict, Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Individual, Team, & Organizational Diagnostic Language Assessments
  • Culture & Organizational Effectiveness

Samantha is a champion for women in the workplace and is passionate about changing the narrative surrounding normatively feminine conversational styles at work. She has frequently been a featured speaker for organizational initiatives related to gendered leadership, female self-advocacy, and the intersection between language, gender, and power.

Samantha is a founding member of the Aspire Advisory Board and an Aspire Strategic Partner.

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