Predictive Index: Talent Optimization Solution

Predictive Index Talent Optimization: Build, Hire, Inspire, and Engage Your Teams to Achieve More

Fewer than 1 of 3 companies say their business and talent strategies are completely aligned. Here’s the bottom line: Business success isn’t up to chance. It’s about having the right people in the right roles for the right business needs.

Right now, companies that have the best odds of creating a competitive advantage and combatting churn recognize the value of their people and put them in environments where they thrive. They’re achieving that success with talent optimization. Talent optimization gives leaders the insights they need to align business strategy with people strategy for optimal results. Any organization can practice talent optimization – including yours!


Talent optimization can help an organization to:


  • Empower managers 
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Analyze employee engagement and take customized action
  • Uncover and grow leadership potential
  • Increase organizational awareness 
  • Nail job fit for employees and candidates

Practicing talent optimization means ensuring your business and talent strategies are in sync. By aligning your business and talent strategies, you can move forward toward achieving your goals, confident in your teams and the work they’re doing.
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The act of gaining that alignment consists of four aptitudes:


  • Design: Building teams that are naturally equipped for the business strategy.
  • Hire: Hiring the right people for the right roles within these teams.
  • Inspire: Coaching employees to meet team needs and advocating for their growth.
  • Diagnose: Pinpointing and addressing disengagement within the team or organization.

Aspire Talent Group has partnered with the Predictive Index to bring over 60 years of behavioral science data and insights to our clients to help them design, hire, inspire, and engage their teams to achieve significantly increased levels of performance, job satisfaction, and retention.


The Predictive Index is a powerful and integrated set of solutions that allows organizations to:


  • Assess and develop team performance
  • Align business strategy with talent strategy
  • Hire the right people based on behavioral and cognitive targets selected for job fit
  • Equip leaders and managers with the insights needed to inspire individuals and teams to optimal performance
  • Engage and retain talent
  • Improve culture and business results

It all starts with a leader’s willingness to understand themselves, their people, and the work they are doing.


Know Thyself

The cornerstone of Talent Optimization is the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment which measures the key behavioral drivers of the people doing the work. Want to know what motivates someone? In just six minutes and two questions, the PI Behavioral Assessment provides data-driven insights into personality traits that determine workplace behavior across four primary factors: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality. Where a person falls on a spectrum of these factors provides key insights into what it will be like to work with that person, as well as a sense of job fit, based on the skills and behaviors required for success in a particular role. After completing the assessment, users are assigned a reference profile – a benchmarked snapshot of the way they think and work without regard to a specific role.


Design and Align Teams for Performance and Execution

Knowing yourself is the first step, but that’s just the beginning. When used with a team via the PI Design module, behavioral assessments provide insights into how team members interact and can work better together. Additionally, when data about the strategy (or the work being done) is added to the equation, leaders and their teams gain profound insights into how (and why) they are performing in a given way as well as where they need to flex and develop to achieve greater team cohesion and results.


Hire the Right Person – Every Time

Once you’ve started your Talent Optimization journey with the Predictive Index platform, the sky is the limit as you’ll not only have the ability to analyze and design your teams for success, you’ll also have access to PI Hire, the #1 Pre-Employment Testing Software on the market, allowing you to create behavioral-based job profiles and use the PI Behavioral Assessment as part of your candidate screening process. Equipped with these profiles and insights from the Behavioral Assessment, you’ll create incredible efficiencies within your hiring processes while ensuring that every hire is a great fit for their role.


Motivate to Effect

The PI Inspire Module leverages behavioral data to help leaders and managers understand and meet employees’ needs based on an individual’s behavioral profile. This allows them to manage and motivate employees in a meaningful and personalized way that engages employees and brings out the best in them. Personalized relationship guides allow for analysis of relationship and work style patterns between employees based on their specific behavioral profiles. In addition, it can help in addressing conflict and increasing team and interpersonal cohesion.


Engage to Retain and Include

Creating a culture that supports employee retention and inclusion just doesn’t happen by itself. If anything, with 1 in 5 workers quitting in each of the last 6 months, it shows that companies that are not actively engaging their talent in the right ways are losing the war of attrition. As with any other business goal, however, you need to ensure your talent strategy actively supports your efforts. The PI Diagnose module provides teams and organizations the ability to see the real employee experience and adapt to address the drivers of disengagement in ways that are behaviorally meaningful to employees.  Regarding inclusion, it isn’t just a powerful way to fight attrition, it is also a critical catalyst for talent optimization, as a diverse team is a strong and resilient one.


Learn the More about the power of Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization is a discipline that takes continuous effort, but the journey starts with a few easy (and free) first steps. If you are interested in learning more, you can:

  • Download the 2022 Talent Optimization Report to see how 300+ executives reveal the cost of the “Big Quit” and the top drivers of employee retention
  • Contact us for a 15-30-minute exploratory call to understand your needs and see if Talent Optimization is right for you and your organization
  • Take a free PI Behavioral Assessment – Six minutes to see how PI’s behavioral insights cut to the chase of employee behavioral traits
  • Try PI Design for free via a 1:1 Talent Strategy Session – 90 minutes to see how you, your team, and your strategy line up for success
  • Try PI Hire for free via a 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session – 90 minutes to create a Job Profile and start getting active candidate insights that will shave hours, even days, off your time to hire and ensure the best fit candidates are at the front of the line.

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