Linguistic/Workplace Communication Analysis & Training

“We need to improve communication.” 

This is a common theme heard in many organizations. Our unique linguistic analysis services can be applied to understanding organizational, team, or individual leader effectiveness. Through analyzing ambient language, the random and natural communication that flows through your organization via meetings, emails, chats, trainings, and more, this data-based approach can provide you with deeper insights into your culture, power dynamics, employee engagement, manager effectiveness, and cross-organizational effectiveness and collaboration.  


Linguistic Analysis for People Analytics

Taking ambient workplace communications – random sentences that occur naturally in your workplace and in your virtual meetings every day – and turning them into data that you can use to learn about how your company communicates across groups.

Delivering nuanced insights about company culture & equity, employee engagement, manager effectiveness, and team functioning with the use of linguistic analysis.

For groups:
  • Open-ended survey question analytics
  • Team meeting analytics
  • Slack/Workplace Chat analytics
For individuals:
  • Conversational Style Analysis
  • Leadership Language Analysis
  • Conflict Analysis


Language Training

Language-based Training and Linguistic Interventions for Organizational Development

Designing workplace specific, linguistic training and interventions that explain how the system of language works in the mind, and across groups in the workplace.

Teaching your team how to stop focusing only on the nebulous goal of “better communication” and start improving the system you use to get there – language.

Workplace Language Subject Areas:
  • Language & Power
  • Linguistic Leadership
  • Linguistic Self-Advocacy
  • Language & Identity
  • Gendered Language Patterns
  • Female Linguistic Self-Advocacy
  • Code-Switching at Work/Non-standard Varieties of English in the Workplace
  • Language & Feelings
  • Feelings at Work
  • The Language-Side of Emotional Intelligence
  • Language & Professionalism
  • Professionalism and Language Bias
  • Non-standard Varieties of English in the Workplace
  • Generational Difference in the Workplace

We have a wide variety of educational sessions to help your leaders and employees improve their communication skills, help teams optimize their team dynamics, and support organizations in creating cultures that engage and retain key talent while accelerating the achievement of business goals.   



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