Team Development & Team Building

Aspire Talent Group offers a variety of team development and team building activities to help align and enhance team dynamics and performance.

Need a team building event to refresh and re-engage your team? Whether you are seeking fun hands-on activities, assessments to help teams understand personality styles, communication styles, and preferences, team problem solving or survival simulations, or a team development educational session or ongoing work to optimize how effectively your team works together, let us work with you to create just the right plan tailored to your company and your team’s unique needs and goals.


Team Diagnostics/Assessments 

Certified providers of:
  • Group Styles Inventory, Human Synergistics
  • The Five Behaviors of Extraordinary Teams
  • Team Optimization Diagnostic, Center for Talent Management Insights
The following individual assessments can be used by groups/teams to gain self-awareness and insight into how to work more effectively as a team:
  • DISC
  • MBTI
  • Thomas Kilmman Conflict Mode Instrument
  • LSI Conflict, Human Synergistics
  • Life Styles Inventory, Human Synergistics
  • Perceptive Communications, Human Synergistics


Team Survival Simulations

  • Desert Survival 1
  • Desert Survival 2
  • SubArctic Survival
  • Bushfire Survival
  • Tsunami Survival
  • Cascades Survival


Team Building Activities

We offer many teambuilding activities so let us help you find the right one to meet your goals and outcomes.


Team Workshops

We have a variety of educational experiences to help teams enhance how they communicate and operate to maximize collaboration and achieve peak performance.


DISC Team Building Workshop: Understanding Yourself and How to Work More Effectively with Your Team Members

  • Gain greater self-awareness into your own style, motivations, and communication preferences in the workplace
  • Improve and enhance your working relationships by recognizing the preferences and communication needs of other team members
  • Identify the value each style brings to the team and how to maximize and leverage differences for improved team results
  • Learn how to enhance team communication and influence others more effectively

MBTI Team Building Workshop:  Understanding Yourself and How to Work More Effectively with Your Team Members


Team Turnaround

Sometimes teams struggle with internal conflicts or other unconstructive team behaviors or are underperforming and need a “team rescue” to get back on track. Through the use of diagnostic assessment tools, education, coaching for the team leader, and other team development tools, we can help you or your team get back on track and develop a more effective team culture, and/or diagnose and address other barriers to performance that may be causing frustrations and limiting team success. Through a discovery process, we will design a tailored solution to help your team turnaround current state and optimize team behaviors and performance. 

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