Aspire Talent Group provides executive, leadership, and professional coaching services to support individual professional development. We offer a variety of packages as well as post-learning coaching to supplement and support our leadership and employee development educational programs. 


Coaching helps to:
  • Clarify career goals as well as identify current strengths and areas of additional development needed
  • Facilitate deeper self-awareness leading to positive behavior change and improved relationship management
  • Provide ongoing feedback and support in enhancing performance and development of effective leadership behaviors
  • Create a framework of accountability for achieving development goals
  • Provide an opportunity to observe the modeling of effective coaching behaviors so the leader can build usable skills that can be implemented in employee coaching situations


5-Month Executive, Leadership, or Professional Packages

Each package includes one of the following 360 Assessments:
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmark for Executives 360 to identify executive-level leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmark for Managers 360 to identify leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Center for Talent Management Insights 360 Assessment for Professionals to identify professional strengths and development opportunities
All packages include:
  • Thomas Killman Conflict Inventory to identify and understand your natural conflict style
  • Debrief sessions following each assessment
  • Creation of an individual development plan focused on areas of opportunity and growth
  • One-hour virtual coaching sessions every two weeks in order to provide support and assess progress in development activities

*Note: Please see our Assessments section for additional information on the assessment tools noted above.


Post-Learning Session Coaching Packages

We provide customized post-learning coaching services. Please contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.


Customized Packages

Coaching is an essential component in professional development. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will build a tailored package of services to meet your goals.


Reach out to us for more information on how our coaching services and packages can help your organization.

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