Human Synergistics Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS)

Assess your managers effectiveness across 14 key task, interpersonal, and personal skills that have been proven to bring the best out in both themselves and others using the Management Effectiveness Profile System™ (MEPS) by Human Synergistics. This skills-based diagnostic uses 360 feedback to provide managers with a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities.

Effective management requires the mastery of skills in a variety of areas that, in complementary ways, contribute to continued performance and success. By measuring performance from both the participant’s point of view and the views of at least three associates, the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) accurately evaluates a manager’s current performance in fundamental skill areas. This skills-based diagnostic system uses 360 feedback to provide managers with a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities in 14 areas that are organized into three general categories of management skills:

  • Task skills, including problem solving, time management, planning, goal setting, performance leadership, and organizing
  • Interpersonal skills, including team development, delegation, participation, integrating differences, and providing feedback
  • Personal skills, including stress processing, maintaining integrity, and commitment

The Management Effectiveness Profile System provides managers with straightforward and easy-to-use feedback to guide their self-development activities. Particularly appropriate for mid- to upper-level managers as well as those in entry-level positions preparing to move into more demanding roles, MEPS can be used to:

  • Provide managers with a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities using 360 feedback
  • Identify the training and development needs of a management team with skills-based feedback
  • Create a personalized, self-directed development program
  • Initiate and monitor managers’ task and interpersonal skills as well as personal development
  • Improve interpersonal relationships to enhance team and organizational performance

The MEPS includes two parallel forms that measure task, interpersonal, and personal skills:

  • MEPS Self-Description Inventory – Completed by each individual manager and measures performance from the participant’s point of view
  • MEPS Description-by-Others Inventory – Completed by at least three associates (direct reports, peers, bosses) to provide an accurate, outside view of the manager’s effectiveness

The results are analyzed, benchmarked, and then presented along with specific recommendations to the leader in a comprehensive, confidential report. Our accredited practitioners can guide individual leaders through the findings and help them to develop a strategy that addresses:

  • The gaps between the way he/she is perceived and the manager who he/she wants (and needs) to be
  • The implications for his/her direct reports and colleagues, as well as his/her personal and professional performance
  • Building an action plan based on recommendations for change

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