Selection Assessments

Selection assessments can play a crucial role in helping you find the right candidates for your open positions. Aspire Talent Group’s selection assessments are evidence-based, non-biased, and have been validated for use as part of the hiring process. Using selection assessments in the hiring process is a proven way to save time and money while improving the quality of selected candidates. Aspire Talent Group is certified to administer Predictive Index and Big 5 assessments that are designed to narrow your focus in order to find reliable, long-term candidates for your organization.


Selection Assessments

Predictive Index

Imagine if your candidate list sorted itself based on the highest predictors of success. That’s PI.​

Talent selection and optimization are high stakes activities for any organization. However, they can be time intensive and laborious processes. Used by thousands of leading organizations around the globe for almost 60 years, the Predictive Index (PI) selection assessments take the guesswork out of the hiring and selection process by providing your hiring managers with quantitative data and benchmarked profiling. As a result, they can quickly screen and select the best-fit candidates for any role.

PI selection assessments can help you pinpoint the ideal for any role with data, as well as assist you with the following:
  • Avoid the hassle of vetting bad fits. Get deep candidate insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment
  • Align your hiring team on an ideal candidate profile for every role using proven science and the PI Job Assessment
  • Transform your job description into a behavioral and cognitive target – so you know exactly where to focus


Big 5

Make data driven hiring decisions.

Big 5 is a suite of pre-employment selection assessments and benchmark tools that identify candidates with an aptitude for on-the-job success. With the Big 5 employee assessments, employers can mix and match job candidates to 120+ benchmarked job templates and screen for specific job skills, aptitude, job fit, employee attitude, and even counter-productive behaviors. These applicants can then be compared to employees in multiple industries, jobs, and roles.

We all have different abilities, attitudes, values, and personalities. Ensuring that the applicants you interview are “fit for purpose” for your organization is a critical component of reducing employee turnover, selecting top performers, and reducing recruitment risks. Effectively screened applicants are more reliable, stay with you longer, and are more productive.

Using a pre-employment selection assessment has proven results, including:
  • Improve the quality of applicants you interview
  • Reduce time sifting through resumes
  • Reduce the time-to-hire
  • Reduce costs-per-hire
  • Reduce recruitment risk
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase performance
  • Empower hiring managers
  • Increase consistency of the hiring process across multiple sites

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