Leader & Individual Assessments

Aspire Talent Group offers leader & individual assessments, surveys, and diagnostics to help professionals enhance their career.┬áMany firms specialize in the use of just one set of tools. However, no two organizations are alike. Each organization has their own needs to take into account. Because of that, we have broadened our tool kit to include multiple types of tools for your organization to use. Aspire Talent Group will work with you to objectively determine the best and most appropriate tool or set of tools to meet your organization’s needs. We have access to a wide variety of leader & individual assessments, surveys, and diagnostics, and our assessments can also be used by groups and/or teams to help individuals gain self-awareness and insight into how to work more effectively as a team. We can help your leaders develop and grow the skills necessary to thrive in your organization through the use of tools which show their communication styles and preferences, intrinsic motivators, areas of strengths, and opportunities for growth and development.


Leader & Individual Assessments

Aspire Talent Group is certified to provide the following assessments:
  • DISC – Cultivate individual self-awareness, improve teamwork, and make conflict more productive while driving increased individual performance and organizational success
  • MBTI – Assess and develop your leadership and individual talent, as well as improve team dynamics
  • Thomas Kilmman Conflict Mode Instrument – Help your organization address inevitable conflict issue head-on
  • LSI Conflict (Human Synergistics) – Assess, manage, and mitigate potential sources of conflict in your organization
  • Life Styles Inventory (Human Synergistics) – Empower your organization’s leaders and high-potentials by enhancing individual success
  • Perceptive Communications (Human Synergistics) – Find out if your managers, leaders, and “people people” are really listening and communicating in a way that sets them up for success

For more information on leader & individual assessments, surveys, and diagnostics, please explore our Selection, Styles, 360s, and Other sections.

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