Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey

How do your customers (internal or external) really feel about the service they receive from your organization? Find out and find your way forward with the Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey (CSS) by Human Synergistics.

We all know that customer service is one of the fundamental drivers of organizational success – but how often do you ask your customers (both internal and external) what they really think? The Human Synergistics Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey (CSS) survey does it for you. As a result, you gain deep insights into how your team treats customers and how this behavior in turn affects the customers’ experience, attitudes, and future buying intentions.

The CSS is a unique tool that goes beyond traditional client satisfaction surveys. Developed by Drs. Robert A. Cooke, Merom Klein, and Janet L. Szumal, The Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey provides a picture of how customers view the way in which your service providers approach their work and interact with them. Four of the customer service styles measured by the survey are constructive and promote customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy (word-of-mouth recommendations). The other eight styles measured by the survey are defensive and detract from effective customer service and desired outcomes.

The Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey also includes measures of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. These service outcomes are viewed as “lead indicators” and they provide critical insights into an organization’s long-term profitability and sustainability. Because the service styles measured by the survey impact these outcomes, the results provide insights about not only how customers feel, but also why. The “why” helps to pinpoint specific changes or improvements to customer service. 


CSS asks questions that cover:
  • Your team’s approach to their work and their interactions with the customers
  • Customer satisfaction (including whether their expectations have been met)
  • Customer loyalty (including whether they intend to use your products or services again)
  • Customer advocacy (including whether they’d recommend your organization to others)

Your customers complete the survey by answering several questions regarding their experience. As soon as the data is collected and the survey is processed electronically, you receive a full report with the results and recommendations. Then, an accredited consultant guides you through the findings and the steps needed to improve the customer service experience.

CSS provides you with invaluable information that you can use to boost the quality of service delivered by your representatives, agents, and others who deal directly with your customers. Ultimately, it strengthens your organization’s profitability, sustainability, and credibility in the marketplace.  


CSS is particularly valuable for:
  • Discovering why your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied
  • Gauging the extent to which your organization is living up to its mission and brand promises
  • Understanding the impacts of your organization’s culture on customer service
  • Validating the need for change
  • Monitoring and evaluating customer service initiatives

Combine the results of the CSS (with its customer focus) with those of the OCI (with its internal culture and staff focus) and you’ll have a persuasive business case for cultural and customer service transformation.

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