CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™

Bring the best out in your managers by using the CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™ 360 assessment. Drawing on decades of world-renowned and constantly refreshed assessment research and refinement by the Center for Creative Leadership, this robust assessment provides managers with the insights they need to succeed as leaders in your organization.

Designed for middle- to senior-level managers and junior executives with at least three years of managerial experience, the CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™ is a comprehensive 360 assessment that measures 16 competencies critical for success, as well as 5 possible career derailers. This in-depth analysis of observable behaviors provides managers with a solid assessment of their leadership competencies, based on research of how successful managers develop and why they stall. The CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™ also provides normative comparison of results with other successful managers as well as over 70 optional comparisons by sector, function, or country. When paired with CCL Compass™ – a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life – managers can identify personal areas that need strengthening and then instantly pursue effective strategies based on work experiences as well as confront possible career-stalling problems.

CCL is among the pioneers in using assessments and feedback in leadership development. As a result, it has become a world leader in providing assessments that produce valid, reliable, and actionable results. Supported by more than 40 years of research, CCL assessments are the choice of industry-leading organizations.

CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™ 360 assessments provide:
  • Superior-quality normative data from one of the world’s largest leadership assessment databases
  • Decades of world-renowned and constantly-refreshed CCL assessment research
  • Availability in multiple languages
  • Strict confidentiality for more accurate feedback
Use CCL Benchmarks© for Managers™ with your organization’s managers to:
  • Show how others in the organization perceive a manager’s strengths and development needs
  • Help individual managers benchmark their results with other leaders internally and across the world
  • Start or continue the process of feedback-based leadership development
  • Continue the development process with CCL Compass™ by setting goals and creating actionable plans

Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks© for Managers™ 360 Sample Report

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