Human Synergistics ACUMEN Leadership WorkStyles (LWS)

Take leadership insights from the Life Styles Inventory™ to the next level using ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) by Human Synergistics, which builds on foundational LSI feedback to provide deeper insights into how a leader’s styles combine and interact to support or derail their leadership intent.  

The Human Synergistics ACUMEN Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) helps self-motivated leaders strengthen the thinking and behavioral styles that promote their effectiveness. LWS is ideal for executives, managers, and leaders who would like to develop and grow to realize their full potential.

Building on the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI), LWS focuses on combinations of the 12 Circumplex styles and the way they interact to provide feedback on strengths and counterproductive tendencies. It provides the leader with a highly personalized narrative report on the implications of their styles for task accomplishment and teamwork, as well as suggestions for improving communication and project leadership. LWS is particularly useful for:

  • Providing leaders with insights into their personal styles
  • Showing leaders how their styles combine to shape their leadership performance
  • Developing leaders’ capacity to monitor and modify their behavior
  • Offering leaders feedback to help them develop into positions of greater responsibilities
  • Improve teamwork and leadership abilities to enhance organizational effectiveness

LWS gathers feedback on each leader via two mechanisms:

  • LWS Self-Description Inventory – Completed by each individual leader and measures his or her own perception of the thinking and behavioral styles that impact a manager’s ability to lead
  • LWS Description-by-Others Inventory – Completed by individuals with whom the leader works to provide insight into how others view the leader’s effectiveness

Results are presented in a detailed feedback report that draws from a large database of leader behavior and describes the effectiveness of the leader’s own behavioral patterns. The report includes a visual profile to graphically illustrate the leader’s behavior along such styles as Self-Actualizing, Approval, and Competitive. Our accredited practitioners can then guide individual leaders through the findings and help them to develop a strategy that addresses:

  • The gaps between the way he/she is perceived and the leader who he/she wants (and needs) to be
  • The implications for his/her colleagues and their organizations, as well as his/her personal and professional performance
  • Building an action plan based on findings and recommendations for change

Click here for a sample Human Synergistics ACUMEN Leadership WorkStyles Report.

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