Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact (L/I)

Understand the true (and sometimes hidden) organizational impact of a senior leader’s choices and strategies using the Leadership/Impact® (L/I) assessment by Human Synergistics. This powerful tool draws on a leader’s own perspective of their leadership approach and contrasts it with the experience of that approach by those around them, yielding significant and potentially transformative insights.

The Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact (L/I) is a 360 assessment that provides leaders with targeted feedback on their leadership strategies and impact on others, and thus, the culture they create. It is ideal for executives, key-level managers, and others in strategic leadership positions. The product of extensive leadership effectiveness research, this 360 feedback assessment for leaders is used by organizations worldwide and is featured in Center for Creative Leadership’s book, Feedback to Managers.

Leadership/Impact (L/I) provides senior managers and executives with unique insights into their personal leadership strategies – and the impact of those strategies on others’ behavior and performance. L/I provides valuable insights into your leaders’ influence and effectiveness, and helps them to confront and overcome their personal barriers to achieve outstanding performance – and ultimately the performance of their teams and your organization as a whole. It’s particularly useful for:

  • Initiating and promoting leadership development
  • Coaching individual managers and executives
  • Evaluating your leadership development initiatives
  • Promoting a healthy organizational culture
  • Enhancing organizational effectiveness

The L/I collects feedback on each leader via two mechanisms:

  • L/I Self-Report Inventory – The leader describes his/her own perceptions of his/her leadership approach and how he/she would like to shape and influence others’ behavior
  • L/I Description-by-Others Inventory – Up to 12 of the leader’s peers, managers, and/or subordinates (chosen by the leader) provide feedback on his/her leadership approach, impact, and overall effectiveness

The results are analyzed, benchmarked, and then presented along with specific recommendations to the leader in a comprehensive, confidential report. Our accredited practitioners will guide individual leaders through the findings and help them to develop a strategy that addresses:

  • The gaps between the way he/she is perceived and the leader who he/she wants (and needs) to be
  • The implications for his/her colleagues and their organizations, as well as his/her personal and professional performance
  • Building an action plan based on recommendations for change

Click here for a sample Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact (L/I) Report.

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