Change Style Indicator™ (CSI)

Assess your organization’s resilience, readiness, and roadblocks to change using the Change Style Indicator™ (CSI). This assessment is a powerful change style assessment that provides insight to individuals, teams, and organizations about their responses to, and readiness for, any change. 

In today’s business world, change is pervasive and here to stay. With increasing pressures to innovate, grow, and adapt to new technologies, change is omnipresent in every industry and organization. The best organizations learn to manage changes effectively regardless of scale. In return, this provides a sustainable competitive advantage over organizations that do not. Managing change well starts with understanding how the people impacted by the change will respond based on their change preference and style. The Change Style Indicator™ provides a reliable and validated assessment to clearly identify and navigate obstacles that inhibit your talent’s ability to remain agile and adaptive to any changes.

Drawing on a unique change model that integrates and aligns various change management theories over the last 50 years, e.g. Lewin, Kubler-Ross, Bridges, Scott & Jaffe, etc., the Change Style Indicator™ provides talent managers a strongly validated and reliable assessment for understanding how an individual or group of individuals prefers to respond to change. It also provides leadership with a researched-based process and set of imperatives that help expedite the change process based on the change style preferences indicated by impacted employees. This combination of the assessment and resulting insights allows organizations to manage and move through the change process faster and more effectively including:

  • Facilitating faster buy-in through use of targeted change approaches that resonate to preferred styles
  • Higher employee engagement with change initiatives
  • Accelerated adoption and implementation of needed change
When the Change Style Indicator™ is combined with effective facilitation to debrief the assessment data, participants also:
  • Discover their personal preferences on the continuum of change styles
  • Explore the strengths of each style and what it can offer in a team effort
  • Identify the “traps” of a particular style that can inhibit flexibility and ability to lead
  • Learn how a preferred style affects how others perceive an individual and how a style influences the perception of others
  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills and understanding
  • Improve overall teamwork

Click here to view a sample Change Style Indicator (CSI) Report.

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