Management/Impact® by Human Synergistics

Help your organizations’ managers understand the true impacts of their managerial style and decisions on those that work for and with them by using the Management/Impact® (M/I) assessment by Human Synergistics.

Self-awareness and awareness of impact on others are key competencies for successful managers. The Management/Impact® by Human Synergistics is a 360 assessment that provides managers with insights into how they carry out their roles and responsibilities. In addition, it shows the impact they have on people around them. This feedback tool is for mid- to frontline level managers, project managers, and others with supervisory or team lead responsibilities.

Management/Impact® (M/I) assessment by Human Synergistics is internationally proven and aligned with best-practice academic and psychometric standards. It uses self-assessment and colleague feedback to gauge managers’ strengths and areas for development. This information is vital to ensuring their ‘fit’ with your organization’s vision, values, and strategies.

Management/Impact® by Human Synergistics has two parts:
  • M/I Self-Report Inventory – The manager self-assesses his/her management approach and the impact he/she would like to have on others
  • M/I Description-by-Others Inventory – Up to 12 of the manager’s peers, higher-level managers, and/or subordinates (all chosen by the manager) provide feedback on their management approach, impact, and overall effectiveness

The results are analyzed, benchmarked, and then presented along with specific recommendations to the manager in a comprehensive, confidential report. Our accredited practitioners then guide the manager through the findings. As a result, managers develop strategies to close the gap between the way others perceive them and the manager who they wants (and need) to be.

Management/Impact (M/I) will help you get the best from your management team, with a dual focus on their management approach and their effects on (and the behavior they encourage in) others. They’ll discover ways to improve their long-term effectiveness and influence, and ultimately strengthen their ability to meet your organization’s goals. M/I is particularly valuable as part of initiatives focused on management, personal, cultural, or organizational development.

You can use it as the basis for:
  • Initiating or promoting management development
  • Coaching individual managers
  • Evaluating your management development initiatives
  • Promoting a healthy organizational culture
  • Enhancing organizational effectiveness

Click here to view a sample Human Synergistics Management/Impact (M/I) report.

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