Everything DiSC: Understanding Styles for Interpersonal & Team Success

Used by thousands of organizations and more than a million users globally every year, the DiSC Profile and workshop helps promote overall performance and productivity for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations. By providing insight and understanding of communication style preferences and motivators and how to adapt to varying style preferences, this workshop will help you increase your influence and credibility, better navigate differences, and maximize team effectiveness. 

This workshop also includes the Everything DiSC in the Workplace assessment, one of the most widely used and well-regarded personality and communication style assessments in the world. Based on the work and theories of psychologist William Moulton Marston, the Everything DiSC assessment has been scientifically proven to be both valid and reliable. After completing the assessment prior to the workshop – a process that only takes about 15 minutes – each learner will receive their unique, personalized report during the workshop, which provides deep insights on key motivators, communication preferences, and behavioral tendencies along with practical, actionable guidance for building more positive and productive workplace relationships and increasing both individual and team effectiveness.

This workshop is available in a variety of formats, including half-day on-site instructor-led, full-day on-site instructor-led, and one- or two-session virtual instructor-led formats.


Learner Benefits  
  • Receive a personalized Everything DiSC report based on their responses to the Everything DiSC in the Workplace assessment.
  • Gain greater self-awareness into their styles, motivations, and communication preferences in the workplace, as well as those on their team.
  • Diagnose and improve communication and productivity barriers that may inhibit individuals, leaders, and teams from reaching higher levels of success.
  • Increase productivity and collaboration by creating an understanding of style preferences and strategies for working more effectively with others who may interact differently.
  • Identify the value each style brings to the workplace and learn how to maximize and leverage differences in order to improve results.
  • Learn how to enhance communication, which leads to a more constructive team culture with increased performance and collaboration. 
  • Provide valuable insights to leaders for how to adapt their communication, coaching, and feedback for greater impact with team members.


Participants also gain access to the Everything DiSC Catalyst platform, a personalized learning support system that serves as a central point of learning and discovery throughout each learner’s DiSC journey. This platform provides seamless access to bite-sized video content and easy-to-navigate DiSC insights, allowing learners to explore their own style and the styles of others in the way that best suits their needs. Catalyst integrates DiSC into the flow of work, ensuring takeaways can be readily applied.


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