Delegating Effectively

Typically, leaders are neither able nor expected to do everything themselves. The consequences of trying to do so can be dire. That is why the ability to delegate effectively is an essential leadership skill. Delegation starts with creating an environment based on trust and establishing a rapport with colleagues to better align tasks accomplished with their competence and interest. Delegation is not merely allocating task assignments; rather, it involves giving someone the authority to do something that is usually part of the leader’s job.

This 4-hour instructor-led workshop examines the concept and obstacles to effective delegation. In addition, discover how to delegate more effectively by using a delegation cycle that aligns a leader’s delegation preferences, their people’s preferences and capabilities, and the tasks to be done. It is ideal for organizations that aim to strengthen delegation across their organization, as well as anyone who wants to improve performance by helping their team improve delegation.

This program is available as both an onsite program and a virtual program.


Learner Benefits
  • Apply the four stages of the delegation cycle when delegating initiatives to individuals and teams.
  • Use the performance grid to determine what to assign and to whom.
  • Work on higher-level tasks with more time to do them.


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