New Leader Onboarding & Integration

New leader integration is a process to help a new leader more rapidly and effectively acclimate to the organization and accelerate the development of effective relationships with their direct reports. It provides a framework and forum for the new leader to introduce their ideas, philosophies, and goals to their new team, and allows the new leader to solicit input, ideas, and feedback, as well as gather information on the needs of the team.  

A recent Harvard Business Review article cited that within the first 18 months of joining an organization, there is a 50 percent chance the new executive will leave the organization.  The departure not only disrupts the organization, but also has financial impacts, including potential revenue and productivity losses as the hiring process restarts.

Leadership transitions are high stakes events.  According to McKinsey, nine out of ten teams whose leader had a successful transition go on to meet their 3-year performance goals, the attrition risk is 13 percent lower, their level of discretionary effort is 2 percent higher, and they generate 5 percent more revenue and profit than average.  The same source noted that when leaders struggle through a transition, the performance of their direct reports is 15 percent lower than it would be with high-performing leaders, and direct reports are 20 percent more likely to be disengaged or to leave the organization. (McKinsey, Successfully Transitioning to New Leadership Roles, May 23, 2018)

Contact us for support in ensuring your new leader has a great start.  We can assist with planning an effective onboarding program and/or facilitating a successful new leader integration process to get your new leader off on the right foot for success in your organization.

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