Navigating and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can have a profound impact, leading to reduced morale, impaired teamwork, and hindered productivity. Effectively managed conflict fosters open communication, encourages diverse perspectives, and cultivates a culture where challenges are addressed constructively, ultimately contributing to enhanced team dynamics and organizational success. Gain insights into common causes of workplace conflict and learn techniques to overcome barriers in order to ensure constructive and successful outcomes in resolving workplace conflicts.

In this instructor-led program, learners develop their skills in identifying root causes of workplace conflict and adapt their preferred conflict style to successfully mitigate and resolve conflicts. Participants also learn leading techniques to identify and overcome barriers to effective conflict resolution. It is ideal for organizations that want to develop practical leadership skills, as well as anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness at resolving conflicts effectively.

This program is available as an onsite program in half or full day durations, or virtually as one or two 60-90-minute sessions.


Learner Benefits 
  • Understand the root causes of workplace conflict and acquire strategies to mitigate them in order to foster a more constructive and productive work environment.
  • Explore and adapt personal conflict styles to enhance effectiveness when navigating conflicts with others, promoting open communication and collaboration.
  • Identify and overcome barriers to effective conflict resolution, gaining techniques to navigate challenges and guide conflicts toward constructive and successful outcomes.


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