Survival Synergy: A Team Development Workshop (Featuring a Human Synergistics Simulation)

Survival Synergy is an immersive team development workshop that employs a unique survival simulation designed by Human Synergistics to enhance team collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. This interactive workshop is tailored for teams seeking to boost their performance through innovative and challenging exercises. The simulation places participants in a simulated survival scenario where they must work together to overcome obstacles and make critical decisions.

The workshop begins with an introduction to key concepts in team dynamics and decision-making processes. Participants are then introduced to the survival simulation, which is set in a demanding, unexpected environment that necessitates quick thinking and effective teamwork. The scenario is crafted to mirror workplace challenges, demanding a blend of individual and collective decision-making under pressure.

Throughout the simulation, team members will be required to assess situations, prioritize tasks, and make decisions collaboratively, all while navigating the challenges presented by the simulation. This experiential learning approach allows participants to directly apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, fostering a deeper understanding of team dynamics.

As the simulation progresses, participants receive feedback on their performance. This feedback, combined with reflective group discussions led by experienced facilitators, helps teams to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in their collaborative processes.

This program is available in both instructor-led on-site and instructor-led virtual formats.


Learner Benefits
  • Gain insights into how team dynamics influence decision-making and problem-solving in high-pressure situations.
  • Develop and practice strategies for clear and effective communication, especially in situations requiring quick and decisive action.
  • Learn to effectively integrate diverse viewpoints and expertise to make balanced and informed decisions as a team.
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities by applying creative and critical thinking in challenging scenarios.
  • Recognize and utilize different leadership styles and influence techniques appropriate for various team situations.


This workshop is ideal for teams of all types and sizes, particularly those looking to strengthen their unity and effectiveness in challenging and unpredictable environments. By the end of the workshop, teams will have a clearer understanding of their collective strengths and how to leverage them for successful collaboration in the workplace.


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